A cleansing diet of apples was mentioned in nineteen readings. Here are some instances.

For this, then, as we find, occasionally--€”not too often--take the periods for the cleansing of the system with the use of the APPLE DIET; that is:

At least for three days--two days or three days--take NOTHING except APPLES--RAW APPLES! Of course, coffee may be taken if so desired, but no other foods but the raw apples. And then after the last meal of apples on the third day, or upon retiring on that evening following the last meal of apples, drink half a cup of Olive Oil.

Raw apples otherwise taken (except at such cleansing periods) are not so well for the body; though Olive Oil in small quantities taken at other periods is not so bad--is rather beneficial, as it is a food for the intestinal system by absorption as much as by activity upon the organs of the assimilating forces; but the smaller doses are the better. [Reading 543-26]

We would use first the apple diet to purify the system; that is, for three days eat nothing but apples of the Jonathan variety if possible. This includes the Delicious, which is a variety of the Jonathan. The Jonathan is usually grown farther north than the Delicious, but these are of the same variety, but eat some. You may drink coffee if you desire, but do not put milk or cream in it, especially while you are taking the apples.

At the end of the third day, the next morning take about two tablespoonsful of Olive Oil. [Reading 780-12]

Then, after that do not overgorge the system when beginning to eat again. Have rather a normal diet, but not too rich nor too highly seasoned foods.

Be active in the open, but NOT so as to overstrain the body during the period of the fast and of the apple diet. [Reading 1850-3]

Remember, treatment recommendations in the readings were given to specific individuals. They are reprinted here as excerpts, and are for informational purposes only. See complete reading for full treatment and context. Testing the efficacy for yourself requires following sound healthcare practices.

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